Your Gift. His Purpose.

Last night, we studied Hannah in the Book of 1 Samuel. Hannah vowed to God, that if He would give her a child, she would give him back to God. Through this prayer, God speaks to Hannah, through Eli, and pronounces that she will have a child.

As a parent, there’s no greater gift than a child. That’s why Hannah was so desperate for one. After all, this was her natural purpose; to produce children.

Her child was the center of much passion and desire. But her child was God’s gift to her for His purpose

Samuel, Israel‘s last judge, did mighty works. But perhaps the greatest was that God used him to establish the kingdom’s king. You see, it was Samuel, who God sent, to anoint David, as king.

So no Hannah. No Samuel. No “King” David.

What’s my point?

You have a gift that drives passions and desires. That gift has been given to you by God. It’s your gift. But it’s for His purpose.

So like Hannah, don’t give up on it. It will come in its own time. And when it does, make sure that you develop it and give it back to God.

It may be your gift. But it’s for God‘s purpose.

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