What’s Your Value?

What is your life really worth? Depends. What are we talking about? Are we talking about your bank account? Are we talking about your human worth? How about the skills and knowledge you possess?

Maybe it depends on who’s asking. How valuable our you to your spouse? Your kids? Your relatives? Your church? Your job? The list goes on and on.

Let me start by saying that you certainly have an intrinsic value by the grace of God. You are a prized possession to the Lord. Not because of who you are. But because what he did for you. Committing one self to death for another screams value! That is the sound of Calvary.

However, I want to clarify. This is meant to address the value that you possess to bring to the rest of the world. What is it? How are you valued by others?

It’s really simple. Your value is measured by what, and how much you “add” to the lives of others around you. Do you make them better? Are you someone they can rely on? Do you offer a great service? Do you add joy to their lives?

So what’s your value? It’s what you have to offer others. Identify it. Work on it. And be generous with it!

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