What’s Your Excuse?

Question. When something goes wrong, who or what do you blame?

Let’s be honest. We totally do this. We find “excuses“ to assign blame for our errors. We say stuff like, “sorry I’m late. Traffic was terrible.“ But the truth is, we didn’t leave in enough time, so we must develop a scapegoat to assign our blame to, in order to feel better about ourselves.

Instead of confronting the real issue(s), we hide it. We excuse it. We allow it to continue. And our excuses become our companions.

And just so you know, your excuses are like your girlfriend/boyfriend that none of your friends like. But they don’t tell you that, because they know you can’t handle that. 😁

In light of this, wouldn’t you agree that it’s best to say bye to your excuses? Wouldn’t it be better to ditch those things that hold you back from being better? Of course it would! So why do we make excuses?

The same reason sinners don’t want to repent. No one likes to be wrong. In fact, scripture weighs in with this wisdom:

Every way of a man is right in his own eyes, but the LORD weighs the heart.

Proverbs 21:2 ESV

But the counterintuitive truth is you can’t be right, until you are wrong. You have to identify and acknowledge the problem. I love this quote.

You can’t change until you change.

Grant Cardone

Do you get it? Sounds silly, but it’s true. You can’t change a single thing until you make a change, or actually acknowledge you need a change. Otherwise, you’ll stay the same, keep your excuses, and keep getting the same results, over and over again.

So what do you say!? Let’s work on ditching those excuses and start being better. Let’s commit to being responsible and watch our lives completely shift in the direction of our dreams and goals.

And if you won’t do this, I’ve got to ask the question: “What’s your excuse?” 😀

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