Three Words to Consider, Concerning Understanding

Understanding is a very important quality. It’s ability to discern, or separate. That of comprehension, critical thinking, reason, and even belief.

Also, understanding has a sincere spiritual reality. It’s something that is granted by God. Therefore, to attach simple definitions doesn’t quite do it justice.

However, I find three words that help clarify this idea of “understanding.“ Let me give you these words, and explain them.

  1. Instruction
  2. Perspective
  3. Trust

Instruction is simply knowing what to do (and not to do). It’s having the right information. Yet, instruction only empowers, if it is acted upon. Understanding, is not merely an intellectual practice. Rather, it is a diligence of doing that which is right, and/or best.

Perspective is simply how things are seen, or perceived. Things like time, chance, and mortality. Perspective is built upon instruction. Because instruction alone isn’t full understanding. For instance, instructions doesn’t always guarantee the anticipated outcome. But with perspective, we begin gain clearer understanding of how things actually work.

Trust is simply the ability to have confidence. Trust is critical to understanding. Having instruction and perspective without trust may breed cynicism. But with trust can know that all things will work out as they should. Trust lifts us from meaninglessness, and gives us hope for doing.

In conclusion, the best I know to describe understanding would be in a formula.

Understanding = Instruction + Perspective + Trust

And by the way, here are wonderful resources to consider these words, in context:

  • Proverbs (Instruction)
  • Ecclesiastes (Perspective)
  • Job (Trust)

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