Root For Their Return!

This morning‘s reading included the passage concerning the prodigal son. For your reference, it was Luke 15:11-32.

Before reading this post, Be sure to read the passage!

Who stood out to me today was the son, who did not leave. He was angry because the father celebrated the return of the prodigal son. In his mind, he had never been celebrated with such grandness. And he stayed!

The father kindly reminds this son of two things.

First, the son has always been with the Father. And for that, all that the Father has belongs to the son.

Second, the celebration is not tied to the prodigals activities; it’s tied to his restoration. “He was once dead, but now is alive. He was once lost, but now was found.“

Here are my thoughts:

1. Expect prodigals to come home.

If the father is waiting in expectation, why would we not!? They will come to their senses, and they will return home. Expect it!

2. Root for the Prodigal.

The return is already difficult enough. There is guilt and shame. Don’t add condemnation. But prepare for celebration and Thanksgiving!

3. Remember, you are blessed for staying.

The son overlooked the blessing of being in the fathers house. The significance of never leaving. Everything that was the father’s, was the son’s, as well. Never forget that!

4. See the bigger picture.

The son was blinded by jealousy. All he could see was a grand celebration for someone, whom he deemed unworthy to receive such festivities. What he missed was the point. The celebration was never because the prodigal deserved it. It was because of the Father‘s love and mercy.

Sidebar, I can’t help but think of this wonderful song every time I read the Parable of The Prodigal. It’s by my family, The Livingstons. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!