Play Your Game

In basketball, a quick way to get beat is to “play the other team’s game.” Or to let your opponent determine the pace. To allow them to establish dominance on the court.

I was reminded of this example while reflecting on the value of knowing your “purpose.” We all have unique gifts, personalities, desire, inclinations, etc., that come together in a powerful “calling” for a specific “purpose.”

Here’s the point.

Stop worrying about others and trying to replicate their calling(s). Rather, fully embrace and work on our own.

God has a distinct purpose and calling for you. Do yourself a favor and start working on it and in it. That’s where passion and certainty come from. “Playing your game.”

Forget about what others are doing. Their wins are not your wins. And their losses are not yours. They have no reflection on who and what you are suppose to be. You are merely in process towards your “perfection.”


Fulfill your destiny. Simply do you. After all. There’s only one “you” for a reason. 😉