Looking Forward To It

When you have something ahead of you that you want, how excited do you get? Do you get giddy and smile!?

Why is that? It’s because you have something in the future that is pulling you forward. We’re expecting something good.

Then, there are other times that we’re filled with dread, because what’s ahead of us is not desirable. Potentially painful or difficult. We’re expecting something bad.

All that said, regardless of what you were looking forward to, how you feel in the present is determined by your expectations of your near future.

With this in mind, let me give you something to consider, in order to set proper expectations for the future.

“Things are rarely as bad as you think they are. But can almost always be better than what you make them out to be.”

What’s the point?

If you will manage your expectations, you will always be excited about your future.

Don’t spend all your time dreading about what you have to do. Start being grateful for what you get to do. Don’t over romanticize what’s ahead. Fully appreciate the journey your on today.

Do this, and you will always be saying, “looking forward to it!”

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