Goals, Targets, and Responsabilities

[metadata element=”date,author,comments,sticky,views,custom_fields” ]If you like to be organized, chances are you prefer to put everything in some type of category and order. I do this personally to gain a sense of control.

Notice the subtle, yet important distinction. It’s merely a sense of control. Not actual control. Actual control is an illusion.

Life comes at us fast and unexpectedly. And let’s face it. We can’t predict the future. We can only prepare for it.

So to be prepared, we must get organized. But how do you get organized? And when do actually become organized? Is it something to be achieved? Or is it a state of being? And can you quantify your level of organized?

Getting Organized

Now, everyone does organization a little differently. For me, I typically put everything in my life into one of three buckets. They are:

  • Goals
  • Targets
  • Responsibilities


I personally define a goal as “a desired achievement or behavior.”

Or simply, A goal is something I have not done, or I have not yet become. But it is distinctly in the direction of improvement. It’s where I plan on going in life.

TIP: to keep goals top of mind, I suggest writing your goals down everyday.


For me, targets are “strategic daily activities that leads me to my goal.”

Super important distinctions.

  1. Strategic, meaning it’s specific and well thought out to lead me to my goal
  2. Daily, meaning it’s EVERY DAY. Period.
  3. Activity, because it must be an action. No more thinking, wishing, or planning. It’s doing.

TIP: to stay committed to your targets, make a todo list of your targets every day


A responsibility is “anything I am responsible for.”

I know. Sounds basic. But what may be overlooked is responsibilities are not to be achieved; they are to be managed. Regardless the level of importance.

In fact, much of life’s stresses and emergencies are caused by responsibilities that have not been properly managed.

TIP: to properly manage and organize your responsibilities, use a task management tool.


Organization is not an achievement. It’s a discipline. It’s not to be completed. It’s to be practiced.

Organization isn’t something to be compared. It’s something to be embraced.

For each of us, we should be organized to the degree that we experience the empowering sense of control.

But remember, your not in control. God is. So trust Him. Honors Him with your life and develop plans to do so.


“Commit your work to the LORD, and your plans will be established.“ (Proverbs 16:3)


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