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Today is the opening day of IAF Conference 2020! It’s an exciting time for church around the nation to gather for Worship, Fellowship, and Training.

The theme of our Conference, “Focus,” is intended to set a precedent for the Event, and all the members of the Fellowship. But what does that mean?

My personal opinion is that focus is synonymous for the following: attention, clarity, vision.


Attention has all to do with giving notice, and being noticed. As a Conference member, I will need to do the following:

  • Give/Get attention to Christ, for Christ, and His Kingdom
  • Give Satan a clear declaration that he does NOT get my Focus, nor will he (my focus is The LORD)


Clarity is about getting clear. It’s about seeing things with Percision, not distractions. When we have clarity, we get creativity, concentration, consistency, And so much more


Without this, “people perish.” It’s imperative that we are looking towards the future. Expecting God to be who he says he is in to accomplish what he has declared. in order to experience the this as reality, we must see it by faith.


I’m excited about this gathering. God uses these moments to project us, direct us, and ultimately prepare us for the road ahead.

It’s gonna be a great time of connecting with phenomenal people, experiencing spiritual renewal, and gaining insights for the mission at hand.

Let’s get focused!

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