Do it Anyways!

Do you ever hesitate to do simple tasks? For whatever reason, you feel inclined to pause. Not major life decisions. Just simple things. Simple tasks on a to do list

If so, you’re being attacked. That enemy: Procrastination . It’s the single most successful productivity killer around.

It’s almost an unexplainable feeling that happens when you set out to complete tasks in your day. You tell yourself, “not now.” Or, you say, “I’ll do that later.”

Though there are appropriate times to do for an action. We deep down know that we’re not postponing the task. We’re setting ourselves up to leave it incomplete.

Do this enough times, and you will feel overwhelmed by the amount of things left undone. And worse, lacking confidence to catch up. After all, you’ll probably just “do it later.”

This will sound so stupid and simple. But hey, let’s “keep it simple stupid!“ 🤣

When procrastination hits you, call it out, and do the task anyways. Make the call you don’t want to make. Write the email you don’t feel like writing. Upload the post you didn’t want to create. Whatever it is, do it anyways!

Done enough times, you will not only build the muscle of doing, but gain the confidence of completing.

So whatever it is you’re avoiding, finish this blog, and go do “that“ thing anyways. 😉

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