Change of Plans

If you’ve ever had a set back, or been frustrated by unexpected events, keep reading. Because I’ve been where you are. You’ve had a change of plans.

You’ve had your heart set on a particular goal or reality. But something happened, and has caused you to lose hope in ever ”arriving.”

So let me tell you this. A change of plans is not a change in destiny.

Your course of action may have been altered, but you’re end goal is still the same. And it’s reachable!

I love the following quote.

“We make plans, and God laughs.”


We live by an omnipotence fallacy, where we think by knowing enough, we can assume full control. The truth is, you can never know enough to make plans against the unknown.

So instead of having faith in your plan, have trust in your God. And expect to get to your destination. Regardless of how you get there.

Just a little tip. Learn to embrace the change of plans. I don’t know who said this, but I live by this quote.

“Blessed are the flexible. For they shall not snap.”


Next time you feel like you’re about to “snap,” because you had a change of plans. Remember to embrace it, be flexible, and maintain the conviction that God’s purpose for you is still intact

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