You Can Count On It!

It’s Monday. And it’s already started. You don’t feel as enthusiastic as you were. You’re stressed about the things you have to do this week. You’re worried about the consequences of what you didn’t finish last week. Things you didn’t see coming have shown up. What are these things? These are things that you’ve told […]

Don’t Stop Now

One of the greatest obstacles you will ever have to overcome is getting results. When you get results, you’re immediately tempted to feel satisfied and settle for what you’ve achieved. Good is the enemy of great.Jim Collins If you are doing good, that means you’re telling yourself you are good “enough.” But if you want […]

Encourage or Criticism?

How do you feel when someone encourages you? How about criticism? If your most people, you love encouragement, but distain criticism. So why are we so quick to give what we can’t stand? Disclaimer Helpful, well intended criticism is necessary, and should even be welcomed. However, when receiving criticism, it’s important to consider its validity […]

Play Your Game

In basketball, a quick way to get beat is to “play the other team’s game.” Or to let your opponent determine the pace. To allow them to establish dominance on the court. I was reminded of this example while reflecting on the value of knowing your “purpose.” We all have unique gifts, personalities, desire, inclinations, […]

The 1% Rule

Personal development is a passion of mine. It may actually be my only true hobby.  Weird, right!? But it’s true. I’m a personal growth junkie. I absolutely love consuming content that it helps me meet my potential. I’ve recently been reviewing “Atomic Habits,” by James Clear. It’s a super helpful book on how to leverage […]