At Risk of Being Misunderstood

There are moments in your life that action is not only required; it’s unavoidable. With that, comes a fear that asks, “how will I be perceived?” Put another way, “will I receive unnecessary judgment, as a result of this action?”

Do You Get Me!?

The fear of judgement is real and is a huge cause for inactivity. But why? Because we are afraid of being taken out of context. We’re afraid people will not “get us.”

It’s Always a Risk!

I love this quote by Pastor Francis Chan. He says:

Sharing the Gospel puts you at risk of being misunderstood.

As a Pastor, I completely and clearly understand what he is saying. In fact, this is a truth. Regardless of what you do, you will always be at risk of being misunderstood. Not necessarily because your wrong. But because everyone must process life through the lens of their own experience and world view.

What Should I Do!?

Because this is true, you’d do well to take confidence is who you are, live out your convictions with care and compassion for others. Accept that you don’t control people’s narratives; only your own.

You have a job to do. You have a gift to present. You have a message to share. Take courage and do well!

P.S. Avoid haters and refuse their judgment. Remember, judgment isn’t necessarily an indication that you are wrong. It may just mean that what you have is not for them.

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